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The Pacific Ocean. The largest ocean in the world. An ocean of psychology and yet recognized as one of the most beautiful places on the globe. A cruise of more than 20,000 kilometres. Through 10 island kingdoms from the American's Caribbean, through the canal of the engineers past the adventurer's treasure island, Darwins' Galapagos, the bast skirt's Polynesia, the coral-beach-palm-island's Fiji, the whale's New Caledonia and the Cannibal's Vanuatu to the Dane Joern Utzon's opera in Sydney Harbour.

Half of the world's circumference, in the beauty and power of the nature. In good times and in bad times - and most of all in the realization of a dream.


1. October 2007 the journey starts out from Denmark flying to The Caribbean, where we will make the boat ready for 1 years of cruising. After preparation of the boat we will take a month in the Caribbean, before heading of through the Panama Canal to Coco Island, Galapagos, French Polynesia, Tahiti, Bora Bora, Cook Island, Tonga, Fiji, Vanuatu, New Caledonia and ends up in Australia September 2008, where the boat is to be sold again. A cruise across the worlds biggest ocean makes the journey exceeding 18.000 km ~ 10.000 Nautical Miles - almost half the way around the world!

Between Galapagos and Marquesas is 5.500 km ~ 3000 Nautical Miles, and is our longest trip at open water which is estimated to last 25 days. We expect the journey to give us some fantastic, extreme and unique experiences of any kind. This journey has been a dream for every crewmember for a long time.


We are four young guys, all in the late twenties. We met each other at Ollerup Academy Of Physical Education 2002. During the summer 2006 we decided to live out a dream - to sail across the Pacific Ocean. None of us are experienced sailors why this journey must be considered as a considerable challenge for any of the crewmembers.

Below you can read a short description of every crewmember.

Kasper Ingmann Olsen
Kristian Traberg Larsen
Rasmus Vendler Toft
Rune Sønderskov

Kasper Ingmann Olsen
Born: 01.05.80
Education background: Business Development Engineer from Herning
Job: Project Manager at Relation K/S
Leisure time: Gymnastics, Sailing, Playing Golf, Dansing, Football and Skiing
City: Copenhagen
Contact Mail: kasper (at) 55n (dot) dk
Contact Skype: k_ingmann_o

Kasper Ingmann Olsen

Kristian Traberg Larsen
Born: 07.01.81
Education background: Sport and Health from Odense
Leisure time: Beachvolley, Sailing, Gymnastics, Football, Adventure Racing, Running, Swimming and Skiing
City: Odense
Contact Mail: kristian (at) 55n (dot) dk
Contact Skype: kristiantraberg

Kristian Traberg Larsen

Rasmus Vendler Toft
Born: 20.08.80
Education background: Copenhagen Business School and New York University
Job: Senior Cosultant at Booz Allen Hamilton
Leisure time: Sailing, Running, Hunting and Playing Golf
City: Copenhagen
Contact Mail: rasmus (at) 55n (dot) dk
Contact Skype: rasmustoft

Rasmus Vendler Toft

Rune Sønderskov
Born: 07.05.80
Education background: Construction Engineer from Aarhus
Job: Contract manager at Per Aarsleff A/S
Leisure time: Gymnastics, Sailing, Windsurfing, Mountainbiking and Skiing
City: Aarhus
Contact Mail: rune (at) 55n (dot) dk
Contact Skype: runefz

Rune Sønderskov

Boat for sale

We arrive Sydney September 2008, where 55°Nord will be for sale. We will on an everyday basis make sure that 55°Nord is in a durable condition to persist an ocean cruise like ours.

Are you interested, follow the link to the left or contact us for further information.

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